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Sentinel Vx1

Guardian Vx1

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Affordable. Dependable. Safe.

The Sentinel Vx1 is a robotic vehicle that is designed to protect individuals on both sides of a traffic stop. It is deployed from a police cruiser and serves as the primary interface between the Law Enforcement Officer and the motorist.

The Sentinel Vx1 Is outfitted with a video screen that allows two-way communication between the officer and the motorist. It allows the entire process of ID verification and  citation issuing to be conducted digitally while the officer remains safe in their vehicle. It is controlled remotely by the law enforcement officer.



We do not believe that military robots can be effectively re-purposed to police civilians. That's why the Sentinel has been designed from the ground up to serve purely as a law enforcement tool. The Sentinel does not carry any lethal or non-lethal weapons and we promise to keep it that way.

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We strive to make the Sentinel as affordable as possible. With military surplus robots costing upwards of $60,000, they are an unaffordable luxury for all but the largest law enforcement agencies. By 3-D printing major components we are able to quickly deliver a quality product at a low cost. 


The utility of the Sentinel Vx1 is not limited to traffic stops. With an 8 megapixel forward-facing camera, it can be operated to provide information on a potentially dangerous situation while keeping the officer at a safe distance. 

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